Monday, 1 August 2011

An evening spent on a boating lake..on the roof of Selfridge's courtesy of Bompas & Parr & Truvia!

A few weekends ago, thanks to the wonderful I heart cupcakes, I won tickets to go to this fantastic event! It had been a week of temperamental weather in London, no changes there! and so it was with crossed fingers that I hoped for a sunshining day and I wasn't left disappointed!

It was pretty cool to be up on the roof of Selfridge's, which is one of my very favourite shops in London! and apparently they haven't opened it up to the public since the end of the second world war so I certainly felt priveleged! The event was to prompote Truvia - a natural sweetener and so upon arrival we were given two crystals each that acted as our drink tokens for the night.  I was very happy with my apple and mint mocktail...made naturally sweet by Truvia of course.

One part of the event that wasn't quite so natural was that bright green water! It was really quite a sight to see! It certainly made an impact, and after watching people boating around for a while (some getting much wetter than others!) we decided to have a go too.

We selected our paddles and we were off.

The Truvia waterfall was where most people met their downfall, quite literally.  We had observed from afar and decided fast, steady and synchronised paddling would ensure we didn't come to a standstill right under the waterfall and so we managed to stay quite dry! The umbrellas helped too!

Once past the waterfall, we were met by a lovely chap in a rather ridiculous outfit who gave us a brief background on the Stevia plant - which is where Truvia comes from.  If you're thinking 'I don't know what a Stevia plant is', then check out the wall of greenery behind him...flown in fresh from the Amazonian rainforest! I'm not making this stuff up, I promise!

He had a bowl of fresh strawberries on hand and let us dip one in a bowl of Truvia so we could taste it's deliciousness, I was impressed! I didn't think it would be particularly appetising but I couldn't tell for a second that it wasn't real sugar and what's better than making something yummier without getting less healthy right?!

We made another pit stop on the way back to this lady in the middle of the lake who offered us some more beverages - this time some non alcoholic wine!

and we stocked up on some Stevia leaves for the journey, naturally sweet and delicious!

Check out how green that water is! Also did you know I have a minor obsession with the Gherkin? I didn't until Byron pointed it out to me this past weekend...I can't help but get excited when we see that building from wherever we are around London!

and I was doubly excited to be able to see that lovely London skyline as I paddled away on a bright green lake whilst the bustling crowds of Oxford Street down below were none the wiser about what we were up to so high in the sky!

The event oozed fun and hilarity, down to the over enthusiastic staff who were very comical every time they opened their mouths 'are you ready to go on an adventure deep into the rainforest'! in their best Richard Attenborough voices through to the little medicine style bottles we got our bevvies in!

The attention to detail was great with this little triad of crystals that greeted you on the way in and the way out...and we even got to take home a goody bag...

with a trail mix inside of peanuts, popcorn and Stevia leaves!! (what else!) and our very own Stevia plant so now we can all grow our own natural sweetener!! My Stevia is now in the more capable green fingered hands of my husband (it has the best chance of survival that way) so keep your eyes peeled on my cupcake blog in the future when I may just start making naturally sweet and delicious cupcakes through the delights of Truvia!! cupcakes with no real sugar? now that's something we can all get excited about!

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