Thursday, 16 September 2010

And the heat goes on...

It's been a busy week here.  Last Friday Night we experienced Pie day Friday at Salt Mills Diner down in Grace Bay which was really fun...especially cause we used to do our own Pie day Friday back in the UK! and we got milkshakes too which made me super happy! It was a nice way to celebrate being done with the first week of work! I didn't get to make it to Beach Volleyball since we had meetings on Friday night til after 6...but I'm definitely hoping to make it tomorrow night.

On Saturday we went to Grace Bay beach which is a 12 mile stretch of one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and it's often found among the beaches of the World's Top 10 Beaches list.  I have been excited to go ever since we arrived.  The waters are crystal clear and the beach is pure white sand.  It was a really fun day of chilling on the beach but unfortunately we didn't take any good time.

On Sunday we gave our talks at church which was a very interesting experience! We had to stop after every sentence or two to wait for the translator beside us to translate it into Creole as most of the members in our branch are Haitian.  I think I worked him a little too hard and was speaking too fast for him to keep up with, it will definitely take some getting used to! We downloaded an app on our Ipad to learn Creole and have been busy learning slogans and giving ourselves little tests to see how we're doing! It's like an easy version of French so it seems like it could be picked up fairly quickly.  We were invited to have lunch with some Americans from church and we had a delicious taco bake with them and some yummy desserts! They asked me if my work visa had come through yet and I told them it hadn't, and they said don't be surprised if it comes through after your year is up! which seems a bit crazy! They definitely do things on Island time around here...that's for sure!

We went to Family Night on Tuesday at Church which was fun, and accompanied by more yummy treats! and last night Alyssa and Brandon invited us round for dinner and cooked us a Pennsylvanian-Dutch speciality of cabbage and noodles.  We also went for a stroll along the beach and the sunset was awesome.  We took advantage of having someone else with us to take a picture and so here is one of the two of us! 

On Monday Byron went to this marine biologist's house to help her transplant mangrove trees.  It's a conservation project she has been working on.  He seemed to have fun, and she has even offered to take him kayaking to a nearby Island, Star Island, sometime soon which he is excited about.

He has been busy exploring the Island with his camera and taking lots of shots so I thought I'd share some of them with you.  He is meeting next week with a photographer who is interested in him doing some editing work for her so here's some shots he's snazzed up a little to show her.

He also chatted with a wedding co-ordinator at church who came over yesterday to take a look at some of the wedding photography he has done in the past.  She seemed pleased with what she saw, and said she may have a wedding in November for him to the work is coming in a little at a time, and hopefully it will continue to do so.

Until then he continues to fish, and enjoy the beach on a daily basis.  He went to Coral Gardens the other day, a stretch of water known for being a really good scuba spot.  He saw some giant sea turtles and sting rays and brought me back some cool shells too.

The mosquito bites are still coming, and I'm not quite sure I will ever get used to this heat! but our evening strolls at the beach and this Island adventure we are living makes it all worth it.  

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