Saturday, 25 September 2010

The definition of Turquoise: Chalk Sound

I knew that on this 3 day long weekend we had I definitely wanted to check out some more of the Island.  We live in Leeward, which is in the South East of the Island and all the places we go - School, Grocery store, Church are all in the East of the Island so we never really venture out of this area much.

I had heard alot about Chalk Sound and knew it would be worth a trip.  It is probably as South West as you can go on the Island and it was the furthest we've driven since we've been here (funnily enough it was only a 20 minute trip so not far at all but when you're used to only driving 5-10 mins everywhere you go suddenly 20 minutes becomes a 'far' away place!)

Chalk Sound is actually a National Park consisting of a 3 mile long bay of vibrant turquoise water studded with countless tiny islets.  It actually took my breath away when we arrived because it is so beautiful and I'm pretty sure you will agree when you see these pictures:

This was the view that greeted us as we drove down 'Picturesque Lane' and the street lived up to it's name!

We had read you could hire out paddle boats down there so were excited to do that! but unfortunately the place where you rent them from was closed.  Most tourist things on the Island are closed right now as it's Hurricane season, even alot of the hotels close down for September and October and then everything springs back into life in November ready for the heavy tourist season to begin again so we will have to go back and rent a boat another time.  

A lady we bumped into told us that there were some jet skis on Sapodilla Bay available for rent.  This was another place we had wanted to visit so we drove down the dirt road leading to the secluded bay and we found the jet skis.  She had told us the number for the guy who rents them was on the side of them so By waded all the way out only to find there was no number! So we didn't get in on any water action today...maybe next time:

After our morning of sightseeing it was time for lunch, and I've been wanting to check out Mother's Pizza for a while - apparently it is the best pizza on the Island! 

...and it's located down at Times Square! I bet you didn't know there was more than one!
It was quite cool inside, their speciality is Conch pizza which I am definitely not brave enough to try but it certainly sounds fun! 

They also had a part of their wall dedicated to currency from around the world.  I guess tourists sign their names on their notes and then stick them up on the wall, they had Zim dollars, Bank of Bahamas, Mexico, China...all kinds! They even had a £5 and £10 UK note.

Their topping of the month is Lionfish! which By would have been very keen to try had I not been with him! Apparently Lionfish eat lots of other fish (which I didn't know) and so they're trying to get rid of as many of them as they can to save the reefs of Turks and Caicos...hence Lionfish pizza! 

The pizza was HUGE! I'm pretty sure we will be eating it for days to come! Since it's the only pizza I've tried on Provo so far I'm not sure I can comment as to whether it was the best or not but I thought it was pretty tasty nonetheless and a can of root beer always adds to the enjoyment! 


  1. That is a mother of a pizza! Man! Even bigger than Costco...yum!!!! The pictures are looks so perfect!It looks like a ghost town though - where are all the people??!

  2. Wow the view is amazing! that pizza looks as big as the one me, by and mum got in the queue at wimbledon! so which pizza did you get... cheese & tomato?! xxx