Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Photographing it up...

So my google stats tells me that our little travel blog has reached over 1000 page views as of today! I know that over half of those were my Mom, thanks Mom! but I'm glad everyone else is enjoying reading about our Island living! 

I will gloss over rather quickly (because it's still painful) the fact that these crazy micro ants may just slow down my cupcake baking after all! I was assigned to make cupcakes for Josiah's sister's birthday last week.  I know that ants invade our kitchen worktops and even our cupboards, and putting cupcakes in the fridge is just not an option unless you want them to be inedible and so I decided putting them in our airtight oven overnight would do the trick...I wrapped them tightly in clingfilm and awoke at 6am ready to frost only to find that the ants had taken over and thoroughly devoured all my cupcakes! Sad times indeed...they were needed that morning at school so I had to and buy store bought ones! which was not cool...but I have signed up to do a cupcake stall at an Arts & Crafts Expo on the Island at the end of November so I will have to do some major ant defence before then!

In other news Byron has been making big plans to take over the Island with his photography skills! He is going to be doing alot of wedding photography through an acquaintance we made at church, and so he decided it would be a good idea to set up his own website to get his name out there.  He has been hard at work on it all week and it's looking pretty good! My coworker Alyssa and her boyfriend Brandon threw a wedding together in 2 weeks just before they moved down here from Pennsylvania and so they didn't have time to take any engagement photos since it all happened so quick! They had asked By if he would do a little 'post wedding' shoot with them and so I wanted to share a few of the pics he took.  He is building up his portfolio so expect more soon as well.

I love these super cute coloured huts.  They are down in an area called Blue Hills.  Most of them are little huts selling local food, there was even a barber as well.  Just next door to here is 'Da Conch Shack' which we really want to go to but it only opens again in high tourist season.  I don't know why I'm so excited about it since they only sell conch and I'm not adventurous enough to try any, but it's one of those tourist spots that everyone talks about so I feel like I'm missing out if we don't give it a try! 


Alyssa and Brandon were really pleased with all their pics and I thought By did a pretty good job too.  His next venture may also be school photography and my employer is arranging possibly sometime this month to set that up so he is sure going to be busy soon, my days of coming home to dinner on the table and the house cleaned and laundry done may soon be over! 

He also has been offered some photo editing work by a photographer on the Island who he met with yesterday, and this is something he really enjoys.  She wanted to see some of his work so he took along quite a few of the shots he took at my sister Mel's wedding last summer.  He even made this cute little slideshow and I thought it would be fun to share it on here! 

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  1. Great little photo shoot. loving the slide show as well - it is even better with the Jason Mraz song. xx