Saturday, 25 September 2010

Volleyball with a view!

Here is where we play our Friday night volleyball, down at Lower Bight Park.  It is right on the amazing Grace Bay Beach, and I love that you can see that turquoise water right behind us as we play! 

There was a pretty awesome sunset as we played last night, and so I just had to share some of these pics with you!

By is going in for the winning shot here! His team actually beat my team this week by 3 games to 2, I'm hoping at some point soon we might even get to play on the same team! 

Ignore my crazy volleyball face below, I hope you can see in this picture that I am working on my tan...slowly but surely! 

This is the playpark just behind where we play, and there's some pretty cool vegetation which you can see here.

We ended the night with a group shot.  Elder and Sister Herbert (who are on the left) wanted to take this picture since they just found out they are leaving and going back to Jamaica at the end of the week where they will finish out their mission.  We're sad they are leaving, and I know they are too.  They were basically overseeing and running the branch so we are getting quite nervous now as they said that is obviously the reason the Lord called us here (because they are going) I'm pretty sure we will have some callings on the cards soon! 

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  1. love the atmospheric pictures! its so funny to see a missionary couple in shorts and caps :) you're looking so brown Gem - when i come out you can compare your skin to mine and i'm sure you will see a big difference! I'd be scared to go to church tomorrow :)