Monday, 20 September 2010

M is for Mexican Monday

Our Mexican Monday tradition has continued over on this side of the Atlantic too.  Tonight By cooked us up some fajitas with homemade guacamole and in the shops here you can even buy Mexican Taco Cheese - how cool is that! so we had a little sprinkling of that too! We popped to the IGA to pick up some salad for our fajitas and I was super excited to find a 12 pack of Mug root beer had dropped by 50 cents! (prices are so ridiculous here that yes a 50 cents reduction gets me excited!) and what made me even more excited was what I stumbled upon in the frozen section.....CORN DOGS!!

Our first trip to the supermarket when we arrived was a great adventure and I was loving finding all my favourite American foods here...but there was a distinct lack of one in particular - corn dogs! I was sure I would find them and I was pretty disappointed when I didn't! There has also been a lack of regular Oreos on the Island...I've seen plenty of golden Oreos but no chocolate Oreos so on saturday when Alyssa and Brandon popped round with a 'present' for me, I definitely wasn't expecting it to be Oreos! It was so sweet of them to buy some for me...and I can't wait to start baking up some Oreo cupcakes now I have the goods! They informed me that the supermarket was looking pretty stocked up so they must have had a new shipment of stock arrive.  So tonight although we had just gone to IGA to pick up some peppers and tomatos, I said to By let's just check out the frozen aisle in case they have any new fun stuff...and you should have heard my gasp of excitement when I saw the corn dogs on the top shelf! 
Yes Monday has been good to me! 

I thought I'd take a picture of the School where I work, it's called The Master's Academy:

You saw Josiah yesterday but today he was definitely ready to pose! In fact every time I held the camera near his face he'd say 'cheese' and he'd continue saying it for about 20 minutes after too...which led to me having to take about 50 photos of him! Here's the cutest one of the bunch:

And here are his cheeky counterparts.  This is Shomari, hard at work concentrating on something here! I found it pretty hard to get him to look at the camera! 

but my co-worker Alyssa got a good shot of him smiling, I think I was doing 'round and round the garden' with him here to get that cute smile.  He sure does love that little rhyme, he is non verbal so every time I stop doing it with him he uses the sign language for more to get me to continue doing it!

and last but not least we have Burkley...who I have a serious soft spot for! He is our youngest at 2 and a half and has never had therapy before, he is an absolute surge of energy just running around all afternoon long...we call him the Tornado and if you should happen to be sitting in his path he will just launch himself at you! He is so cute though and smiles alot and loves to be tickled, just like Shomari, but again he was giving me mostly serious faces for the shots I was taking!

As we were leaving work tonight we bumped into Jo's little sister Adi who Byron and I just adore! She hopped straight from her mom's arms into mine for some cuddles! She is all smiles here because I had just been throwing her in the air, a trick that she loves! 

She has taken to Byron too and here they are playing around:

We would love to just take her home one night! She is the cutest and you should hear her giggle! it's the funniest! 

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