Friday, 3 September 2010

An exciting few days!

So the other day Byron sat out on our dock for around 4 docks with not even a single bite.  Yesterday was a whole other story! He had only cast his line into the canal for about 10 seconds when he caught his first fish, and they just kept on coming after that! Here he is doing his triumphant pose:

What I also should probably fill you in on is the fact that I was recruited for my job alongside another behavioural therapist.  She has moved down her with her husband too and he is a pro chef! So he helped Byron clean the fish up that he caught and we have a little pot of them in the freezer right now that are ready to be cooked up into fish tacos or something…that’s how they do it down here!

Now the excitement did not stop there! I got called this morning from an unknown number on my mobile (that I just picked up from the LIME shop on Monday) only to be told by LIME that I had won on Ipad in their 100 days of summer competition!! I wasn’t too excited about it at the time as it seemed to good to be true but they told me to come down to the store to pick it up.  On the way over there we heard an advertisement on the radio all about the 100 days of summer competition and how you could win an Ipad, so the excitement was building!! I just cannot believe it, I’ve only been on this Island 5 days and I’ve won an Ipad – how does that work?! It was so funny too because the competition claims the more you use your phone the better chance you have of winning, now no one uses their LIME phone more than my employer and I’ve literally made 2 calls since I’ve been here so I’m not sure how that works but I got presented with my free Ipad and they took a picture of me that will appear in their local paper and everything! Byron is beyond thrilled…he has been wanting one of these for sooo long! Here I am accepting my prize, no comments about the lack of tan please - I'm working on it! 

Yesterday we also spent most of the day at the beach, Provo is known for it's calm sea but since Hurricane Earl has been hanging around this week there's been crazy waves around so I got a good shot of the waves crashing over the rocks as By chilled out (check the turquoise water in the is always that colour - how completely amazing is that!):

Also we found alot of conch just washed up right on the shore.  I'm starting my own little collection back at the house! 

We headed back to the beach just as the sun was setting and were surprised to see this little wooden umbrella, that had been upright a few days before, completely blown over and the waves were really coming in fast and hard against the rocks.  You can't see the outline of the waves here because Byron took it on a long exposure and I like the way it makes the sea look so smooth! 

Just so you don't hate on me completely, as most of the Islanders were doing when they found out about me winning the Ipad today, I now have a total of 13 mosquito bites and there's some pretty beastly ones too so it's not all free Ipads and amazing beaches!!


  1. wow- you really are living the dream life! I can't believe you won an i-pad! maybe its the call to mum that did it :) the conch looks amazing imagine just having them wash up on shore - that is cool. Are you going to try the fish then? Have a great weekend! xxx

  2. I can't believe you won an iPad, that's so cool!! I'm loving all the photos and stories so far and your appartment looks really nice. Glad the storms haven't been too bad and it truly looks like you've arrived in paradise. Good to see By is enjoying the fishing...and doing well - amazing! I've added you on Skype so hopefully we can chat soon? :) xxx

  3. So jealous!!! We need another laptop! I think it would be difficult to get used to tho like my touch screen phone. Loving the pics! xxx