Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Home is where the heart is...and the root beer!

So yesterday was a crazy day! We began the day by stocking up big time at the grocery store…I had so much fun, squealing with excitement as I walked up and down the aisles finding all my old favourite American goodies! I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t find corn dogs but everything else I wanted they had! Then we headed to ‘Do It’ (Turks and Caicos’ equivalent to B&Q I guess) and for $100 we bought a ‘hurricane preparedness kit’ and then we rushed off home to shut up all our storm shutters and bunk down for Danielle which was headed our way.  My boss even gave us a ton of dvds for entertainment incase we were shut in for a few days! Well Danielle came and went, there was a bit of excess water on the ground outside but that was about it so we got all excited for nothing! But I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry and since Hurricane season runs through til the end of November I’m sure our kit will come in handy at some point!
Now onto the pictures of our place which a lot of people have been asking after!

This is the view from the front, and that’s our 4X4 outside which we are loving having, we just hop in and go wherever we want to go! And the Island is so small that today was our first day driving about by ourselves and you literally don’t need sat nav or a map or anything, it’s just easy to find your way!
And you may be thinking did I really let Byron get his own way and buy that boat of his dreams? Well no, that’s our landlords boat.  They live in Colorado half the year, they just left to go back for Christmas but they will be back in January and have promised us a few days out on the boat which is pretty exciting!
Here we have the lounge, the balcony and the kitchen….

Check out our enormous oven! I could cook more than a few batches of cupcakes in there! And our fridge is pretty massive too, it has to be to hold the giant cartons of mango juice we buy at the store!

Here is our bedroom…and my favourite part of the bedroom is our huuuge wardrobe! I love it!

This is our pool, and you can see the canal is literally right behind it.

This is what is making Byron happy today, he bought a fishing rod first thing the morning and here he is fishing off the canal.  That’s where he is right now whilst I am on our balcony writing this, so we may or may not be having fish for dinner!

On the plane on the way over Byron knew my boss was taking us out for dinner when we arrived and he said to me ‘What will you do if they take us to a fish restaurant?’.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m a pretty fussy eater and fish really isn’t my favourite.  I eat cod and that’s pretty much it…so I said ‘I’ll probably just get some cod’ to which he replied ‘They won’t have cod in Turks!’ Oh dear! But I’m happy to report that as a starter that night at dinner we got coconut shrimp and I tried some and I actually liked it which is a turn up for the books! Turks and Caicos is famous for their conch (pronounced conk which I didn’t realise!) and in November they even have a conch festival so I have been told I definitely need to try some of that too!
For now I am living off these….

And absolutely loving it! Excuse the shiny face…I am lotioned up to the max in this pic! Yesterday at the store we ran into my boss’ pastor and his wife.  You literally can’t walk for more than 2 minutes before bumping into someone you know here, it’s really that small! And they were guessing how long we had been married.  The pastor guessed 6 months because he said we still had that glow, I told him it had actually been 3 years and the glow was just my suntan lotion! 


  1. Wowsers we are so jealous it looks perf! The apartment looks really spacious and nicely done out. Loving the 4 by 4 it has a very island quality about it. Loving the sweaty pic too!!!

  2. it just looks perfect! that picture of By fishing - I can't belive its right outside your appartment. Must be fun to zip around in your 4x4 and your appartment looks great! Thats funny what the pastor said - nice to know you've still got the glow after 3 years together- i'm sure it wasn't your lotion! xxxx

  3. Lucky You!!! I'm sooo jealous of your oven and fridge! Now you realise what I'm talking about when I say the UK ovens are soo small! Your oven looks to be about the same size as our Canadian ovens. Lovin' the lucky charms as well! I picked up another box when I went to the US.