Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Coco Bistro: dining under the Palms

Ever since we moved here I've heard only great things about Coco Bistro, it is after all the number 1 restaurant on the Island.  It has been on our to do list for a while so we decided whilst Mara was here we should pay it a visit.

It is in a really amazing location and a canopy of Palm trees surround the outside dining area.  There are tiki torches and lit up trees and it makes for a great atmosphere.

We thought our glasses were pretty snazzy! and I loved the chunk on pineapple we got with our juice!

Smiles all round as we await our delicious meals.

I had a chicken and tiger shrimp coconut curry with banana chutney and jasmine rice...pretty adventurous by my standards considering I'm not a fish fan! It was worth the risk though!

Mara had the special of the night which was Wahoo fish with garlic mash and asparagus - it was thumbs up all round on the food front! 

Check out that steak! By was beyond happy with his 16oz Angus rib eye and shoe string fries! 

We were thinking of skipping dessert and calling it a night since it's quite a pricey place, however when the dessert menu arrived we couldn't resist!! By and Mara got fried banana fritters with caramel sauce and I got this most amazing coconut cream pie - it was worth every dollar spent! 

We had the best night out and were overly impressed with every aspect of this restaurant - we'd highly recommend it to all, and are hoping some of these pictures will sway the food loving members of my family to start booking their tickets!!!

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  1. Looks lovely! I would love to go to a bistro like that. One day!