Saturday, 11 December 2010

Kayaks, capsizing and calm waters!

This is the amazing weather we awoke to this morning!! The sun was shining and boiling hot at 7am!! and the water was calm calm calm so there was only really one thing to do...go on a kayaking adventure!

By was a bit of a pro...he must have built up his arm muscles with all that furniture he's been sanding recently...

and we were the two slow coaches who lagged behind the whole day! despite having double the power to paddle with! but you must admit our synchronised paddling is pretty impressive! 

I soon learnt that Mara was rather sneakily lying down in the our man power was slightly diminished due to her lazing about! 

We kayaked through the Mangroves which was pretty cool, the water was super shallow and some of these Mangroves have the hugest roots! Plus we saw a baby shark which was pretty exciting! (if you look closely it's in the top right hand corner of the picture)

Our next stop was Iguana Island...Mar made sure she brushed up on her 'Iguana Etiquette' before we set foot on the Island! 

Mara: 'Oh my goodness, is that an Iguana?'

Me: Umm no Mar, that's a model! There's an Iguana! 

We saw lots of massive Iguanas! and Mar was amazed at the tuquoise hue of the water! 

After that we headed for Half Moon Bay which is a private and secluded beach, we had a little pit stop to exchange kayaks.  The kayak Mara and I had been using had filled up with water and we were capsizing left and right! We were pleased to find out it wasn't due to the strain of our weight! but had in fact just filled up with too much water at a previous pit stop we made! 

So we opened the valve and let the water out...and it just kept on coming! No wonder we were finding it so hard to control! 
So we did a quick swop...By got the rather fetching pink kayak - here he is showing off his incredible tan! curse his African skin! 

Although next to Mara, my tan actually looks pretty good too! as you can see Mara's lazing around continued in the turquoise kayak too! but she was still slightly jet lagged so I let it slide! 

We reached the beach and the waves were pretty wild! but very fun...

you can't beat that turquoise water! 

We walked across to the opposite side of the Island and this was the view that we found! It was pretty spectacular! 

And how do we end a perfect day? with Burgers and Mint Oreo shakes of course! yum! 


  1. So after seeing this post Arne and i were straight away looking up flights for easter. But we couldn't find any good deals - the curse of being teachers hey?!
    Seriously it looks like you are having a fab time and the pics are totally stunning. I thought that Mara was the gym bunny and could paddle with ease - clearly not!
    Can;t get over how tanned By looks and how slim you are looking Gems.

  2. This looks so so amazing! x