Sunday, 26 December 2010

There's a happy feeling nothing in the world can buy...

This pic was taken at the Jones Family Christmas last year.  How much has changed in a year!

 This was how we spent our Christmas day this year, yes it was on the beach in 26 degree weather and we had an awesome day trying to make it as festive as possible...but nothing compares to being with your whole family at this time of year, how we missed their banter!

My family will be shocked to hear I woke up at 8am... surprisingly late for me! but still as excited as ever...

Mara got into the spirit of opening prezzies...

and I wasn't far behind - how awesome is this bag! 

By was very pleased with his new shades from Mara especially since the ones he brought out here have melted a little!

He also got a VW campervan t-shirt from my mom and dad...and Dad's entered us into a Reggae Reggae sauce competition to hopefully win the real deal! You can also see in this pic I got an 'I heart cupcakes' t-shirt to match my bag!! I had to put it on immediately!

Mel and Arne spoilt me with all kinds of fun cupcake and gingerbread men pj's, and the bow in my hair was a tribute to Mel who every year puts every bow from her unwrapped gifts into her hair until there is no space left for anymore...mine was a poor effort I know! Snazzy ribbon is hard to come by here in Turks!

My friend Jade, who is coming to visit me in Feb...yessss I can't wait! bought me this most amazing present of a Beach Boys dvd - she knows me too well! I love it!!

and more excitement all round as I opened this Gwen perfume from my is now the fourth in my little Gwen Stefani fragrance collection and this Gwen even has furry hair - love it!

Mara was pleased with more shells to add to her collection that she's been busy gathering from the beaches while she's been here!

This tee will be a nice little reminder of our Island adventure when we go back home!

This face is pure delight right here....I got this amazing root beer float t-shirt from Mara

and these amazing glasses from By will be great at housing some root beer floats or perhaps some gourmet milkshakes...we plan to test them out tonight! 

Did I mention I love cupcakes? Oh yeah...the cupcake goodies just kept on coming! 

Here is By modelling his new shorts and tee from Mel and Arne and showing off his ridunculous tan at the same time! 

In keeping with Jones tradition, By cooked us up some tasty chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast...

accompanied by some hot chocolate (we're so healthy I know!) and in America they mix candy canes in with their hot choc to give it a peppermint flavour, I just had to give it a try!

Sunny got a present too, it was a leash - we tested it out on him and he definitely wasn't keen!

but he got a personal message from Santa on his prezzie! and he definitely got to eat some turkey!

and didn't he do it in style...

Top marks go to Chef Mara for producing this beautiful looking feast! 

I was so glad we didn't go along with By and his wishes for a BBQ...nothing beats a turkey roast with all the trimmings at Christmas! 

By doing the mans job...

and here's our lovely table - thanks to Mom for sending the tablecloth, serviettes and little chocolate stars to go along with our blue and silver colour scheme! 

and no Christmas is complete without crackers!! These also travelled in Mara's suitcase all the way from England...

and no cracker is complete without wearing the obligatory party hat! 

This was our masterpiece for dessert, a Buche de Noel.  Mara and I slaved away (mostly Mara!) for most of the day to create was pretty time consuming! but we couldn't have managed it straight after our lunch anyway so it was just as well we had to wait a few more hours to indulge in some! and this beautiful cake stand it is on was another present from Byron! Happy blogging days!

and what happens after Christmas day lunch? sledging fun? definitely not! but a trip to the beach is a good replacement

The waves were pretty crazy, By taught Mara how to 'boogie board'

and when she finally caught a wave there were cheers all round! 

The sunset was amazing and the colours in the sky were really awesome.  We tried out some jumping pics...By came out superior!

As the sun went down it was time to go home and play a game of 'Who am I' and By went for a Christmas day fish with some of our friends.  Mara and I watched Elf and ate far too much christmas choc! 

Hope everyone else had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed celebrating the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  All the best for 2011! 

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  1. Alli fancies a slice of buche de noel!! We are glad you liked all your pressies and that they fitted - you should have seen dad busting out of the shirt mom got him!
    We missed you too and our festive games were a little bit flat - mom is not competetive enough for our liking!!
    Loving the pics of you guys jumping- Rob Harrop would be impressed.
    You kept the Jones traditions better than us as Arne was on strike! V.impressed with your roast.
    Tomorrow we are hitting up the sales in Birmingham or Manchester - joyful bargains! xxx