Thursday, 23 December 2010

Sun, Sea and Stewed Conch!

We took advantage of a sunny day at the beginning of the week and headed out to Pirate's Cove. 
There was a great view of Bonefish Point in the distance:

After hiking around for a while, I was pretty pleased when I finally found the ladder! I think Mara was beginning to wonder whether I knew where I was going!

Mara went down first to check it out...

and this was the view that we found at the bottom!

The water was amazing!! We headed to Malcolm's Road Beach next, and had planned to get some swimming in but when arrived the waves looked something like this:

and the red flag was up which meant no swimming for us, a bit different to the last time we were there, but we enjoyed some good shell collecting and took the obligatory shot at the little Tiki hut:

After our beach adventures, we tried out this amazing Deli called 'Top of the Cove'.  We had the best 'meatball hoagie' which is basically like a subway and some of the best cookies ever...yes Dad if you're reading this I do 'live to eat', what's wrong with that??!

We had decided even before Mara arrived that if we were going to take her out to eat when she came that we couldn't miss out on taking her to Da Conch Shack so that is where we headed:

Here we are rocking the polka dots, that wasn't even planned, but I'm loving the co-ordination! Mara went for the coconut conch stew and was impressed with her first taste of conch! 

By and I are old conch pro's these days so I went for the cracked conch and By got the conch curry.  There's nothing like a bit of conch accompanied by some Bob Marley, if only mom had been there to join us - she's a big Bob Marley fan you know! When I quizzed her on some of his songs this week she sang 'come woman, come man'...I think it was her version of 'No Woman, No Cry'!!!!

What a tourist! Mara had to pose with the boat full of conch's out the front of the restaurant..

and that night there was a lunar eclipse at 2.30am that we woke up for.  The moon went a pretty crazy shade of red...By sort of captured it, if a little blurry, but 2 minutes later the clouds covered the sky and so we all went back to bed! 

Check back soon for the hundreds of pictures we took over at North and Middle Caicos yesterday! and for more Island adventures in the Sun! 

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  1. Mom says she has a rep to protect Gems!
    She thinks Mara is so photogenic in all these
    pics. It looks like a real Island feast!
    I have put a pic of our tree on my blog.
    xxx Merry Christmas eve! xxx