Friday, 10 December 2010

The countdown is over!!

So Mara is finally here! It felt like it took forever to get here but now she's here it's like we've never been apart! just eating too much junk and talking about cupcakes like usual! I was getting slightly worried at the airport, she was literally the last person off the plane! and so we watched hundreds of people filing out of the airport and she was nowhere in sight...I thought for sure customs had caught her and confiscated the masses amount of gifts/goodies she had brought for us! but no...everything made it through safe and sound! What fun we had as she delved into her suitcase pulling out more and more and more....all for us! and we haven't even opened any of our Christmas presents yet!!

Of course...I was spoilt with amazing amounts of cupcake goodies!

and even cupcake Christmas tree decorations! how awesome! 

Mara went to Holland in September and brought us alot of yummy European chocolate too...

and of course we got massively spoilt with English chocolate...oh how I've missed you!

By was very pleased with his South African chocolate and biltong...thanks Mom!

and I found this amazing recipe for a corn dog cupcake in a recipe book Mar brought! We are so making these at some amongst the vast amount of Christmas baking we have planned!

Since Mara had to spend the night at JFK airport she stocked up on Martha magazines to aid us in our Christmas bakefest!

I was very excited to start up our Christmas card collection:

and we can't wait to start decorating with all the amazing decorations my mom, Mara and my friends sent over for us! I'm so grateful to have so many lovely people who have helped to make sure our Christmas will be super fun! 
Mara even managed to bring some fake snow...hooray!

Mara wasn't left out in the present opening...she had a basket of American goodies awaiting her arrival!

Since Mara is the guest, we gave her the choice of where to eat tonight to welcome here to the island! Of course being the mexican lover she is and wanting to experience her first Provo sunset she picked 'Somewhere'.  

It was a pretty nice evening and after her 2 days of travelling it made everything worth it! 

By held up the menu for us to see! He and Mara went for the fish Taco's and I had quesadilla's! We toasted Mara's arrival with some rather delicious fruit punch:

and just cherished the time spent with our lovely sister.  Oh, how we are going to enjoy the next 3 weeks! 

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  1. Loving the reunion of the Jones girls! Can't believe that stash of chocolate - wow!! Christmas come early hey?! Glad Mara arrived safely. Hope your having a fab time.
    Loving your blonder hair Gems - its looks perfect for living on a tropical island.