Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Rockin' around the Christmas tree...have a happy holiday!

After weeks and weeks of debating what kind of tree we were going to get, if we were going to get one at all we finally have one! I wanted a real's never even a question in my mind but they weren't going cheap at $100 each.  By thought it would be okay to get a fake one...but I've never had a fake tree in my life so I wasn't about to break tradition! We had considered getting a palm tree to try out a Caribbean style Christmas but eventually the garden centre pulled through with this little beauty tree for 32 dollars. 

Mara brought us some tree lights from good ol' poundland! 

It might not be the prettiest tree we've ever had but it's all we need to kickstart our festive season so it's good enough for me!

and no tree is complete without gifts! wow...the 25th cannot come quick enough for us to find out what's inside all those amazing looking packages! 

We are so spoilt!

Tonight we've been busy decorating it with all the fun things our friends and family back in England sent over, accompanied by alot of Christmas tunes...nothing beats a bit of Slade or 'Rockin' around the Christmas Tree'...

The cupcake decorations are my favourite! Mara brought me one and Jade got me one too (great minds think alike!)

closely followed by the Gingerbread men...

and this awesome Gingerbread man garland from my friends back in Harpenden...

We even found this cute little TCI decoration complete with sand and buckets inside!

Laura got us these amazing Christmassy paper chains and we had so much fun constructing them and stringing them up all over the place.

One of them even doubled up as a fun Christmas collar for Sunny...he wasn't too keen on it though so it was short lived

Have I told you about my candy cane obsession recently? it's getting ridiculous!

If you want to see some of the Christmas baking we've been busy doing, you can check out my Candy Cane Brownies on my baking blog

Mara also thought to bring some fake snow with her...because after all what's Christmas without snow! We turned this little branch we found at the beach a few weeks back into a snow tree...

Byron made the snowman, and we even added a few festive snowflake decorations the next day...

Unfortunately the heat seems to have melted our snow somewhat! 

This cute snowman is from Laur and look at these amazing cupcake stands from Mar!

and with a few cans of spray paint we got creative with some conch shells we found on the beach! 

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