Sunday, 3 October 2010

Are those pink buoys?

It's been another fun filled weekend here in Providenciales! And we got to tick off some places on our ever growing list of places to visit whilst we are here!

First stop was Flamingo Lake, with not a flamingo in sight we were wondering where the name comes from! It was a very peaceful spot though and By took quite a lot of good shots for his photography website he is nearly done with.

After that we saw a dirt track slope called Harbour View Drive, and since Provo is mostly flat I love any chance we can get to make it to higher ground for the views, so we took a detour to see what we could find. It was pretty funny cause as we drove higher and higher up the hill the ocean suddenly appeared in the distance and I joked with Byron that he better slow down incase it was a sheer we drove a few more inches we realized it was!! I love the way they don't have any road signs warning you of this!

 We inched along this track overlooking the sea carefully until we reached a dead end. We took some good shots of the ocean and then very carefully reversed along the narrow path with the sheer drop beside us! I was glad I wasn't the one driving!

Flamingo Lake turns into a huge inlet of water known as Juba Sound so we drove around the perimeter of 'the sound' taking in the view when Byron said 'are those pink buoys over there?', as we got closer we realized they were in fact flamingos! They had obviously strayed from their area of the lake! We were pretty excited, the flamingo is actually the national bird of Turks and Caicos but we had been informed you could only find them on Middle Caicos and not on Provo so it was a good little find! They were quite far out in the water so By trekked through some wilderness to get a closer shot, this is as good as we could get. These two were the active ones wandering about whilst the rest slept nearby looking remarkably like buoys! (Here's a random fact, whilst in the UK we pronounce buoy like 'boy', I have learnt here that Americans pronounce them 'boo-ee' it's pretty funny)

By this time the heat was really getting to me, so we decided a refreshing stop at Froots on the way home was just what was needed. This place has the best smoothies around, we got pineapple and coconut ones and they were delish!

Unfortunately after 3 nights of bite free sleep, I naively believed I had become immune to mosquito bites so last night I didn't 'Off myself' before bed and I awoke with 10 new bites this morning! I won't make that mistake again that's for sure!

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  1. glad we didn't lose you both over the edge of the cliff! That's so cool you got to see flamingos. The pineapple & coconut smoothie sounds yum -I can't wait till December - don't like the sound of the mosquitos though!