Friday, 8 October 2010

Beautiful by Nature...

is Turks and Caicos' official slogan! and it sums up the Islands perfectly! There are some amazing trees and flowers on this Island that I have yet to see for myself...but when I do I'll be sure to put the pics up for you all to see...I'm constantly on the lookout! For now I thought I'd share a few pictures that were just taken in our 'front yard', yes I'm adapting to American words, but I really feel like it can't be called a garden when there is no grass in sight! 

Also, By is still enjoying his fishing.  In fact he's gearing up right now for a little night fishing expedition he plans to take later this evening, and this time he's venturing into the sea hoping for a bigger catch! Two nights ago, he went night fishing on our dock and caught a grouper:

A pretty sizeable one too so he was happy.  Our friend Brandon has since got a job as Head Chef at Provo Golf Course so he wasn't on hand this time round to help By gut the fish, so he turned too google instead! He gutted it, descaled it, prepared a lime and chilli marinade and then bought a disposable BBQ and last night he grilled his fish whole and was able to eat the fruits of his labours! I, on the other hand, stuck to chicken...I'm not that adventurous! 

Now we are getting ready for a spot of friday night beach volleyball, and I am looking forward to my 3 day weekend ahead! That's right, we have another bank holiday on Monday! This time it is Columbus Day....Columbus actually discovered Turks and Caicos back in 1492 and thanks to him I will be beaching it up all weekend long! 

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