Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Green Quesadilla's and a bike ride under the stars!

Mexican Monday completely passed me by! I think I was caught up in the excitement of my new early finish time at work of 3pm! So we spent the afternoon/evening at the beach and when we got in just grabbed some pizza quick.  Last night I said to Byron 'guess what day it was yesterday....Monday! and we didn't eat Mexican'! So we decided to make up for it by cycling down to Salt Mills Diner for a spot of buy one get on free quesadilla's...only when we got there we found they were closed! which was rather heartbreaking...I had planned on Mexican accompanied by milkshakes! Luckily across the road Jimmy's Dive Bar was open and so we gave them a try instead.

It was a pretty fun little establishment

I loved this sign! It sums up TCI perfectly! It reads 'Jimmy reserves the right to close early, open late or remain closed any day for any reason (this includes but is not limited to: bad weather, beautiful weather, bad fishing days, good fishing days or a good party)'!!! He's not joking either, which probably would explain why our 1st restaurant of choice was randomly closed at 7pm on their Mexican night! that's just how they do things here!

I was pretty happy to discover though that Jimmy's had quesadilla's on the menu too so I definitely got my Mexican fix! I had never seen green quesadilla's before - they were rather interesting but very delicious too! Please excuse the strip of black across the front of my head...please note they are not my horrendous roots, but I simply had wet hair still! 

By got a massive burger called the 'Fuhgiddabodit' burger which should be pronounced in your best New Yorker accent to get the full effect! 

At the end of the night, after a quick pit stop for brownies of course, we cycled back home under the stars which was pretty awesome.  I'm not sure I've mentioned yet but the stars here are INCREDIBLE! I have never seen such amazingly bright stars before, and so many, and you can even see the Milky Way! Also when the moon is out, it is so crazy bright that it casts shadows! The pic below doesn't really do it justice as it was hard to capture the stars on camera but believe me when I say they are something else!


  1. wow - the stars look amazing! It must be great cycling with that all around you. the food looks yummy - not sure about the green colour but I'm sure they tasted good! you're looking browner every day gem! xxxxx

  2. Awww it looks lush. I have had green ones before -they don't really taste any different but they look cooler. In fact didn't we have red nachos at that diner in New York??
    Thanks for the awesome cupcakes. They looked so cool and fancy. Will take a pic when I get as moment! xxxx