Sunday, 10 October 2010

Jamaican me Hungry!

An arty shot By took at the beach - he liked the reflection of the sky in my shades!

Yesterday we were in the mood for a pre volleyball snack.  I suggested we go to Chinson's - a Chinese Jamaican restaurant we have wanted to try for a while! We have heard they do really good 'patty's' here (which as far as I can tell are the Jamaican equivalent to our pasties).  However we arrived around 5ish and as a testament to the tastiness of their patties they were all gone, they had a 'chicken loaf' left so we grabbed one of those to share and went on our way.  Well, it tasted amazing! We really enjoyed it.  It was sort of like a chicken filling surrounded in deep fried bread.  We also saw while we were there that they were setting up for their weekend BBQ they do every Friday and Saturday night, and we were so impressed with our chicken loaf we decided to go back there for dinner! 

There was only one thing we wanted to try and that was their Jerk Chicken - it's a big deal over here! So we waited for our chicken to be grilled before our very eyes (on those funny little BBQ's below!) and then we tucked into our chicken and yummy fried bread accompaniments! It was really delicious and such a bargain too - which is rare in Provo, so I can see we will be frequenting here more in the fact By would like to make it our Friday ritual! 

It was such a great atmosphere too, we were loving the reggae music they were playing and we even got talking to one of the locals who commended us for 'mixing with the locals'!! It seemed like they don't get many foreigners coming by which I can't understand! Why would tourists rather go to the overpriced hotel restaurants (that are run by NYC chefs and probably the same food they are used to back home) than come to places like this for a true Turks and Caicos experience!

We then went home and did a little late night fishing down at the marina.  Some Rastas made friends with us after By went to check out their monster catch they had made, and they even gave him some of their bait they were using.  We hoped it would help him with the good fortune they were having but unfortunately we still went home empty handed! We love how friendly everyone is here though! 

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