Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Week's Worth of Fun

So this week has been a busy week.  We have had a new boy join our program and there's big changes happening right now so I've been a little lazy on the blogging front, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy! 

Last Wednesday we ate at Tiki Hut Cabana and Grill.  We ate here in the first week we arrived too but I’m not sure I blogged about it.  It’s a tasty little restaurant and it’s down on the marina so it’s a really nice setting.  Also they have a ‘Ribs and Chicken’ special every Wednesday night and as By is such a big ribs lover we had to go back a second time, it was a really tasty meal!
 It was another funday Friday with Josiah and Shomari in the form of a trip to the beach.  Those boys love the water! The past few weeks we’ve just been swimming in our pool since the waves have been pretty rough but as you can see the ocean was perfectly calm and was enjoyed by all!  On the way to the beach we saw a random Cockatoo which was just flying around outside our friend’s house! Apparently he lives in the neighbourhood and spends his days roaming around whistling at all those who walk past!

Here we are walking onto the beach our friend, Milah, lives right on.  It’s called Emerald Beach and is our other local beach we usually visit.
 This was one of Jo’s ‘cheese’ faces, last week he was even calling Byron ‘cheese’ because he associates him with the flash and the camera!
 We gave Shomari double protection with arm bands and a rubber ring! Check out how clear the water is:
 By came along to enjoy a spot of swimming, and to be roped in to taking some more great photos like this one below:
When we had to head back to School, we hosed the sand off the boys and didn't realise this would bring them as much enjoyment as the swimming did! Some of the faces they were pulling were classic:
On Saturday, after watching too many amazing gourmet hot dog-eries on the food channel, we were craving gourmet dogs! So Chef By rustled us up some awesome hot dogs with Mexican chilli on top, and we even accompanied them with some Oreo shakes too!
 Yesterday By had another successful fishing day, and so Mexican Monday had to be unfortunately replaced (again!) by Fishy Monday instead! The missionaries had been fishing with him too so they stayed for dinner and they all ate their catches, whilst I of course had chicken! 

Finally, on a completely unrelated note, I leave you with some more of By's awesome photography.  These are pictures he's taken of conch's that we have collected ourselves right off the beach! 

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  1. I love the boy's faces when they are being hosed off! so cute! the pics of the conches are amazing and look great in black and white. can't believe you found them yourselves. the mexican chilli hot dog looks so good!