Monday, 11 October 2010

Malcolm's Road Beach

On Saturday we ventured to the other side of the Island, literally.  I've added a little map of Providenciales below to show you exactly! We live in Leeward, marked by the red star on the right hand side of the map and we travelled to Malcolm's Road Beach, marked by the red star on the left hand side. This journey took us a whole 45 minutes! and I'm pretty sure that's the longest journey you can take by car on Provo! 

It didn't help that half of the journey was along dirt roads like the one below.  It sure was one bumpy ride!  We were really driving through the middle of nowhere...

but it was all worth it when we arrived to find this:

It was basically our own private beach for the day! At one end of this remote beach is a resort called The Amanyara and it basically consists of individual oceanside villas you can stay in for around £1000 a night.  As you can gather by the price tag, it's not for the average Joe, and is infact a bit of a mecca for Celebs.  Just 3 weeks ago Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (of Twilight fame) were staying there...can you imagine if we had decided to take our day trip 3 weeks ago! How crazy would it have been to just bump into Rob while splashing around in the sea! haha

It was actually quite a rocky beach so we were able to do some 'rock climbing' and explore around which was fun.

By was rather taken with this rock that fits perfectly within another rock! I liked the way it resembled a heart myself!

and no post about the Beach is complete without the obligatory conch shot!

I was rather pleased to discover I had colour co-ordinated my toenails with the sea!

There was this cool hut at the entrance to the beach and I thought if we took a picture of us sitting under it you'd be able to see the sea in the background, but we couldn't quite get the camera high enough to accomplish that shot! 

So here I am sitting at the end of the walkway with the ocean view I was after!  What a blissful way to spend a Saturday!


  1. wow - like the look of this beach! the sea is so tourquoise its amazing! The first thing i noticed about the rock was that it was shaped like a heart :) looking good in your dress gem :)xx

  2. Looks just like paradise. Am loving the pics as well - very arty shots. The colour quality is awesome!

  3. Absolutely beautiful - love the pic of your toenails!