Friday, 29 October 2010

Taylor Bay Beach

So the exploring continues! and we hit another spot I've been wanting to see for a while now! On Tuesday, the last day of my 5 day weekend, we headed out to find Taylor Bay.  It wasn't the easiest place to find and as usual there are never any signs to anywhere! but when we reached this, it was worth driving down a few of the same roads over and over:

As usual we were the only people on the beach! It was an amazingly secluded spot with those super vibrant turquoise waters and white sand.  The strip of beach is pretty small here but what's cool about Taylor Bay is the water is shallow all the way out to where you can see the change in the colour of the ocean.  I've heard of people who own those lilo's that have spaces for drinks in who come out here and just float on the water all afternoon! I must remember to buy one of those one day...fill it with root beer and head back to this very spot and do just that! 

Imagine these lucky lucky people who live here and get to wake up to this view every morning! I've picked my future house for staying on the Island! 

Check out that clear water! It never ceases to amaze me.

We stopped in at Sapodilla Hill on the way back from Taylor Bay.  We went to Sapodilla Bay a few weeks back, and after we returned I was browsing on the internet and found out that there are ancient inscriptions at that spot too, so we went to try and hunt them down.  We climbed what we thought was Sapodilla Hill and found nothing, although we did find this cool little monument right on the top of the hill, I thought it made a fun picture! 

I later found out we climbed the wrong hill, we should have climbed the larger one behind us to see the inscriptions - oh well we'll just have to make another return trip soon! 

In other news, Byron had his first taste of kiteboarding this week.  I'd like to tell you that's him in the picture above, but it's not, just a random kiteboarder that was at the beach the same time as By.  Since it was his first time he didn't even get to the water, but just had to get used to the kite on the sand.  Apparently they are huge and crazy heavy so it takes some work to control it! He went with our Branch President who is Argentinean.  He is a keen Kiteboarder so I'm sure they'll be doing it more in the future.  
Also Byron had his first wedding yesterday, it went really well and he took some great shots! He also emailed some photos he has taken recently to a friend of ours who owns a gallery here.  She let him know yesterday she has a buyer already who wants to have these 3 prints below put on to giant canvases to go on the wall in her living room - so things are really looking up work wise for By and his photography is going down a storm.  

I think we're being blessed for the work we are doing here in building up the kingdom of God in the Provo branch! I've just realised I haven't yet posted but last Sunday Byron and I got new 'callings' at church.  A calling for those who don't know is like a responsibility you are given, an opportunity to serve at church.  So I am now the new Primary President and Byron is the Sunday School President, which means he oversees all the different scripture classes we have running on a Sunday and I oversee the primary organisation which is for all children at our church between the ages of 3-12.  My sister Mel actually does the same thing back in Leeds.  The funny thing is though in the UK and the States you usually have a Primary President along with counsellors, a music leader, teachers for individual age groups and a whole team of adults who oversee the children.  In Turks and Caicos that team consists of me, just me! It means alot of preparation before Sunday and it's going to be busy busy but I'm excited for it, and have so many fun things planned for the kids! 

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  1. Ahhh congrats on your callings. They must have figured you'd be good with kids working in a school and all. How many kids are there??
    Loving the new pics - especially By's starfish ones.
    I tried calling you the other day - hopefully we can catch up today! xx