Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A happy family is but an earlier heaven - John Bowring

Today I am super thankful for...my wonderful family! 
Man, do I love these people! I know everyone thinks they have the best family in the world but I really do! There is no one I'd rather spend my time with than the people in the photo above! We have crazy amounts of fun together, and everything is better when they are around! I felt it best to pay a little individual tribute to each one. 

This is my dad! My facebook shy dad! This was a little farewell fish and chips meal we shared the weekend before I left the U.K, when the camera came out my dad's classic quote was 'I don't want my picture to be on facebook...I've got a rep to protect'! So just to humour him I'm protecting his rep and just showcasing his super cool checked shirt instead (a Dad staple!) Dad is a very knowledgeable person, he knows the answers to everything...literally, in fact I'm pretty sure he was my personal google before it came along! He's the most well travelled person I know but just don't get him started about the time he worked in Mozambique...or ask about his rock collection - because after all he's Irish and you may be there a while! He taught me how to sand a bumper when I was 7 and dressed me in boys clothes until I was old enough to know any better so I was sort of like the little boy he never had! He always helped me build the best school projects and helped me understand neuroscience when I was at Uni! He was always pretty good at taking the 5 women in our family shopping in different parts of the country every weekend when we were growing up, and not complaining about it...but I think his 2 son in laws have finally filled the void in our family and they can go play at scrapyards or cut down trees whilst we have our girly weekends! 

The quote above sums up my mom perfectly! She is the most selfless person I know and always ready to go without dinner or extra roast potatoes to benefit the rest of us! She writes more letters than anyone I know and when I was at Uni there was never a week that went by that I wouldn't receive an awesome letter or fun filled package! I know if the postal service was better here the packages would only be continuing! but for now she sends me numerous emails and I look forward to our weekly skypes! Growing up, every school assembly I ever took part in or church talk I ever gave would always be met with a congratulations card and little gift to say well done...I have boxes and boxes filled with those cards and notes that I will never be able to throw away because they show just how much my mom loves me.  I miss our late night chats and midnight runs to the shop for chocolate and magazines...but most of all I miss the hugs! 

My sister Alli is next, she's not too fond of the camera so this is the only picture I could find that had the two of us together in it!! She's super generous and even paid and took me to New York City on holiday one time, she also buys every magazine out there and always saves them up for when I come to visit so I can get my celebrity fix that I'm too poor to get when I'm back in Reading! She buys the best presents and always looks out for Gwen pictures/news from her magazines especially for me! 

Mara and I have a special bond over our love of food! In fact growing up Mara would always fix me things to eat or bake me things whenever I wanted...I'm even excited about her coming to visit us in JUST OVER 2 WEEKS!! because I'm dreaming of the tasty meals she will make for us :) Generosity must run in the family because Mar is super generous! Over the past year whilst she has lived in London I have spent many cupcake and mexican filled weekends staying with her and she never lets me spend a penny, she pays for everything and fattens me up something ridiculous! 

Last but by no means least is Mel...we used to be joined at the hip! until we both got husbands and she moved to the dirty north! We may see each other less than we would like but we have enough memories to last us a lifetime! She doesn't have the nickname outrageous Mel for nothing! and everything is crazier when Mel's around! She's been on the end of a teary eyed phone call many a time, and is never too hesistant to tell me to get over it! Yes she brings the news you may not want to hear but in a way that only Mel can! She is the best at accents and brings every story she tells you to life...there's never a dull moment when she comes to visit! We've danced our socks off together to some of the best bands and if you're ever in need of an awesome mix tape Mel's the one who can put it together, and she's also a pretty awesome stylist/beautician! She never got fed up on my 10 changes a day when I first started dating Byron and was always on hand to help me get ready for our dates! 

So this is a big thank you to my family for being so awesome and a reminder to them they all need to come visit very soon so I can get my Jones fix! 


  1. ahh gem, this is so cool! It made me tear up and I know mum said she was crying her eyes out at her desk as she read it at work! I love the way you've done the photo grids, they would look great framed on a wall! Only 2 weeks to go!! xxx

  2. Mom says this made her cry - what a softie!! I too miss the days when all the clan are together and feel this Christmas won't be the same without us all there together. We'll keep expecting the next arrivals and they will never come :(
    Loving the photo montages and the bit about dad! xxx