Sunday, 21 November 2010

A week of thanksgiving...

This coming thursday is Thanksgiving.  Whilst it's not a celebrated holiday here in Turks and Caicos, we will be celebrating it with some of our American friends.  So in the spirit of thanksgiving, I decided I'm going to post every day leading up to Thanksgiving something I'm grateful for.

This evening, we went for a walk along the beach and sat down to watch the waves for a while and it wasn't hard to work out what I'm grateful for today...
...The Ocean
We also got a new missionary this week from Washington state who had only seen open ocean for the first time in his life when he arrived in Jamaica 7 months ago.  I've been thinking about that for the past few days, and I can't believe how you could go so many years without ever experiencing the ocean! This evening Byron and I were reflecting on how fortunate we have been to experience the ocean in so many different places and so often in our lives! 

I'm thankful for the beauty of the world that God has created for us.  I'm thankful for the variation of the sea throughout the world - from the icy cold waters of the Scottish Coast to the super warm waters of Zakynthos, Greece...from the high crashing waves of Durban, South Africa to the calm still waters of Thailand...from the murky Belgian sea to the turquoise blue hue in Mauritius - I am thankful for them all!! and thankful that I can continue to experience the joys of the ocean whilst here in Provo! 

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  1. A lot of blogs are doing this in November - I think it was inspired by conference talks. I would be grateful for the ocean if I was living by it. I am grateful for duvet days though! x