Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy thanksgiving!

So no holiday is complete without cupcakes! and no thanksgiving is complete without pumpkin combine the two and you have pumpkin pie cupcakes! which is what graced our thanksgiving table tonight...

along with a yummy feast which By prepared so brilliantly! It was a bit of a mash up of U.S thanksgiving dinner and U.K Christmas day dinner! The American side was the pumpkin and cornbread stuffing and the English side was roasties and brussel sprouts! and turkey transcends both holidays! 

Our original plans to celebrate with American friends of ours fell through...and we couldn't not do anything on thanksgiving so we decided to have a little dinner on our own and we invited the missionaries too.  So it was a Brit (me), a South African (Byron), a Jamaican (Elder Johnson)....and Elder Hoffman was our token American that made it legit to be celebrating Thanksgiving in the first place! It was Elder Johnson's first thanksgiving...and you can see from the look of pure delight on his face it turned out to be a pretty good one! He also got the wishbone from the turkey so it was a good night all round for him...and his first time trying brussel sprouts! He was impressed.  We had tried to buy some 'snazzy' drink at the supermarket along the lines of Schloer/Appletiser but they didn't seem to have anything in that way of drinks so we settled on some root beer by the bottle! Classy I know...but tasty - definitely! 

Here I am showcasing my little pumpkin cupcake along with the turkey topper! and you can also see my thanksgiving belly in this pic! Since I had to work we couldn't eat our thanksgiving meal in the afternoon like most Americans do...and so I haven't had enough hours to lay around and let it go down yet! 

On my last day of blogging my thanks, I want to give thanks to my Heavenly father and Saviour Jesus Christ for the blessings which they pour down upon me! I am so blessed to know that God lives and that he hears and answers my prayers and that he watches over us in all we do.  I'm so enormously grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, it brings me immense happiness to live the gospel righteously.  I was listening to a song the other day and these two lines really stood out to me:

The peace I feel, my joy in sacred things
surpasses all the world could ever bring

How true it is that worldly happiness we experience is so fleeting but happiness from obeying God's commandments lasts forever.  I'm grateful that I can worship with other Latter Day Saints here on Provo in our little branch and grateful for the calling I have where I get to teach and learn from these little cuties:

This little girl in the bottom right of the picture is Wilchana, she is 6 years old and she walks to church each Sunday by herself.  What diligence and dedication to the Lord! It makes my week when I get to spend time with these choice little children of God, and feel of their sweet spirits.  

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