Sunday, 28 November 2010

All conch-ed out!

Be ready for a picture overload because let's be honest when will I ever attend another conch festival in my lifetime! We had been looking forward to this event for quite some time, in fact I had even read up about it before we left the U.K and since I discovered I actually like conch I was pretty excited about the day's events!

There was a lot of conch tasting to be done! There were over 30 different chefs and restaurants from the Island showcasing their best and most creative conch dishes! Here is a sneak peek at some of the most original/tasty offerings we came across:

This was By's first taste of conch salad...I gave that one a miss.  Cooked conch I can manage, but raw? no thank you! 

Conch Taco's! from Seaside Cafe - this is what we voted for as the best conch in show! By was beyond impressed! 

More conch salad all lined up and ready to be tasted...

Hmm, these were coconut conch taco's and very tasty...

These little conch burgers were the cutest! and surprisingly good! 

By loved this conch crepe from Bay Bistro, he likened it to the kind of dish you would get at The Waffle House (in the U.K).  It had some mushroom sauce which I wasn't too keen on, but it was fun to watch the little crepes get cooked in front of you! 

Of course no Caribbean feast would be complete without patties! So here are the conch patties from The Pelican, I thought these were really good! 

and to satisfy the mexican lover in me - Mango conch quesadilla's! 

These got the thumbs up from me for sure! 

The fest was great for coconut lovers like myself! 

I especially enjoyed the way everything was so creatively displayed! A palm tree calved out of a watermelon - how awesome! 

Of course there were plenty of these around! 

More watermelon carving! 

This was the name of the Hotel that they carved in....

A stall selling everything made out of conch! I had my eye on those tall glasses with built in straw...perfect for milkshake drinking! but at $40 per glass it was a little steep!

I feel like this picture sums up the vibe of the festival! and of the Island really, it's a very friendly place!

So friendly that when you get invited to dance, it wouldn't be polite to decline! So here I am busting a few Caribbean moves with my new found friend! 

He loved posing for pictures with fact it was hard to get him to leave! 

Watching our first 'Ripsaw' band since we've been here.  Ripsaw is the national music of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

He is using a screwdriver and 'Ripping the Saw' which basically means he is scraping it over the teeth of the saw to make a unique percussion sound.  

The goatskin drum is also another feature of a Ripsaw band.  How fun it was to chill out by listening to some good native music with the sea in the background just soaking up the sun! whilst back home they were having snow and temperatures of -13! 

You've got to love American tourists! 

Later in the day, there was even a conch blowing contest! but we left before that happened.  Here the host of the day was giving everyone a little tutorial about how to blow a conch shell - it was very informative! and he could blow that shell so well! 

We had the most awesome day, and it was definitely an event not to be missed! 


  1. wow - this looked like such a great day! all the food looks so tasty, you got to try loads! The tacos definitely look the best! I love the pics of you with your new friend, so cute! its a really good pic the way your laughing! You obviously made a good impression on him :) The conch look so pretty, think I'll be bringing some back in my suitcase with me! xxxx

  2. Great pics! It looked like a fab day out. Were they all free samples or did you have to pay for it?? It all looks delish and who knew you could do so much with conch hey?? Hope it made up for the fun we were having in Londres! xxx