Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow!

Five and a half years ago I met parents had moved us to this random village called Olney and Mel and I were working in a call centre for the summer in nearby Milton Keynes. The department opposite where we sat at work had just started hiring a new team of people, so naturally we checked out the talent as they filed by each morning for training. One particular long haired guy with baggy trousers caught my eye! Later that day we were in the staff room and Mel 'who can always eat' was at the vending machine trying to get a chocolate bar...apart from she typed in the wrong selection and nothing came out! She started making a fuss and the guy I had spotted that morning came over to see what the problem was! That guy was Byron and as it turned out he lived in Olney too so he said we should come hang out with his friends sometime, and a few days later he invited us to the pub. Here we are getting acquainted in The Two Brewers!

Needless to say I was smitten...he wore the right trainers (which was a deal breaker for me at 19!) he had the right hair, he listened to the right music (most of the time) and finding out he was South African was a big bonus for me! A summer romance ensued of frisbee playing days spent at the park, and shooting star spotting at night and when it came time for me to go back to Uni I wasn't ready to say goodbye just yet. A year and a half later we got engaged, and 8 months later we were married to be together for time an all eternity.

I am so thankful fantastic husband! He makes me so happy, and I'm so blessed to be his wife. He cooks me the tastiest meals and caters to my picky palate without complaining, whilst at the same time expanding my taste buds! He may roll his eyes when he finds me researching where to go on holiday based on how many cupcakeries are there but I know when it comes down to it he'll be there cupcaking it up with me! He is very patient with me, like when I was making all the photo collages in my previous posts on Photoshop. He tolerated the zillions of questions I had and didn't mind showing me how to do it...even though sometimes I need to be told things more than once! He lives with my obsessions like everything in our house having to be polka dot or cupcake related! And he listens to my latest cupcake news with interest and helps me photograph for my cupcake blog! He has learnt to put up with having his picture taken far more than he would like or want! But most of all I love him for the way he loves me unconditionally...can't wait to see what the next 5 and a half years bring!


  1. ahhh the perfect couple, love reading about how your relationship started, you look so happy together in all the pics! xxxxx p.s soon there will be a new addition to think about.... a puppy!