Saturday, 27 November 2010

Sunny days...Talking about Sunny days!

This is what is making Byron super happy today....

Our new puppy Sunny! We generated lots of names between suggestions were all denied immediately - what's wrong with corn dog?! I thought it was pretty cute! By has actually always liked the name Sunny for when we have kids, I decided it was in our future child's best interest to give that name to the dog so it wouldn't have to grow up with a name like that! 

Most people who know me well may be taken by surprise that I got a puppy...I am not an animal lover in any way, shape or form - especially not a dog lover! but when we went to check out these puppies last week they were too cute to say no to! An acquaintance of ours had them at their house and they were being kept outside and really weren't being looked after so yesterday when we went to bring one home I felt good that we could be making it's life a little better! 

Sunny was born in a litter of 7 puppies so yesterday we had a hard time picking which one we wanted! They were all pretty cute, but some looked a little less healthy than others! Sunny looked like the best of the bunch and so it was his lucky day, we took him to get the shots he needed to protect against alot of the different viruses dogs can get here and then we gave him a much needed bath!

Afterwards as I dried him off, he fell asleep! So cute! and then we gave him some dinner which he devoured, I'm not sure he was being fed too well before! You can see how tiny he is here, he is about 8 weeks old but very underweight and so his food dish is nearly as big as he is! 

Now although Byron can be very persuasive, I didn't just give in to his wants for a puppy with nothing in it for me.  No, there were conditions set! A puppy is alot of work and I know it will make our house pretty chaotic from now on so the deal was Byron gets a puppy...I get a trip to New York! I'd say it's a pretty good deal...especially 'cause I'm secretly enjoying the puppy more than I thought I would! 

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