Saturday, 20 November 2010

What's been keeping us busy this week...

Today I am recovering from a hectic bake sale I did this morning! With the help of By and our friend Milah we sold close to 60 cupcakes which was pretty good going and I think I made some good contacts too so the hours of baking and frosting were worth it! If you want to read more about it and see the fun little video we made of the cupcake baking action you can see it here

Byron finally caught the big one this week! There's been a few weeks now of coming home empty handed from his little fishing jaunts, or coming home with fish that had been given to him! so he was pretty proud when he walked through the door with this beast! He couldn't wait to BBQ it up and we had the missionaries round for dinner last night to help him eat it! Let's hope this is the start of many more catches...

As promised, By made a new stop motion video this week....far superior than the one of me and my tube last week! and it's a pretty fun little clip to show you what our daily journey to the beach is like! and to see the randomness of the eyed horses just roaming the beach - it's a little strange! 

So even though today, and the past few days, have been crazy hectic...I finished off this evening nicely with a little trip to IGA (our local supermarket).  I had gone last week and been excited to discover they had started a little aisle of Christmas candy.  I had been searching online and seeing all these amazing goodies you can get in America like mint m n m's, peppermint bark, candy cane kisses and I was looking at how much it would cost to ship them down to us (it was a bit of a joke!) so I hoped maybe the supermarket might be getting some of them in, but I was disappointed to discover the Christmas candy section consisted of imitation peppermint Oreos (that didn't look tasty at all), Ferrero Rocher's and Terry's chocolate orange - not very original really! So tonight we just popped in quick to grab something whilst on our way to get Jerk Chicken at Chinson's, one of our favourite little hang outs, and I told Byron I was just going to check the Christmas Candy aisle in the hopes there may have been some new additions!! Imagine my excitement when as I got there I discovered all the treats I had been looking at online in the States were now suddenly there before my eyes on the was a Christmas miracle! so these are the things making me happy right now:

I'm thinking Christmas might not be too bad on this Island after all!

Lastly, tomorrow is our brother in law Arne's birthday so we want to give a little shout out to him and say Happy Birthday! We wish we could be there to celebrate it with you, but we will be sure to eat some cupcakes and think of you :) and hope you get vast amounts of enjoyment out of the present!

We miss the good times!! like bowling in our charity shop finds at All Star Lanes, London!

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  1. This is awesome with a captial a. Totally love it. It fits so perfectly with the music too! It's ace!!!
    Is the table footy from you guys???! We thought it was from Arne's mum! We haven't opened it yet, but it will be the perdect addition to Arne's geek party! We miss you guys a lot too!
    Yay for the Christmas candy! xxxx